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Gadget Wizards for Wonderware ... Photorealistic buttons, lights, switches, meters, sliders, and fills

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Gadget Wizards for Wonderware - Photorealistic buttons, lights switches, sliders, and meters. You have to see these to really get the power and value they provide for your InTouch displays.

Alarm Blaster ... - The Alarm Blaster is a sound file management add-on for InTouch that enhances and simplifies the management of audible alarms by providing wave file stacking and silencing features.

Silent Partner Runtime System ... - The Silent Partner Runtime System is a collection of add-ons for InTouch, including the Text Superbox and the PLC Data Monitor..

Price List ... - Current list prices for above products are shown on the web pages the links above take you to. All of these products may be ordered from your local Wonderware Distributor.

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